the Diamond Necklace

The short story “The Diamond Necklace” has to do with Mathilde. Mathilde’s husband brings an invitation for a ball. Mathilde felt inferior to all the other women because those women had expensive dresses and jewelry. Since she did not have those nice things, she was angry. Mathilde was also angry because she did not have anything to wear. Her husband reminded her that she had a nice dress that she wore to the theater. Mathilde was not convinced. So her husband asked her how much it would be to purchase a new dress. Though it was a lot of money and her husband was planning on using it for something else, he gave in and gave his wife the money. Mathilde then was not satisfied with that and she wanted to wear a piece of jewelry, but she didn’t have that either. Her husband suggested that she should assignment tutor help buy something cheap like natural flowers. Mathilde mentioned that there was nothing more humiliating than feeling poor among rich women. So after that, Mathilde’s husband told her that Mathilde should speak to her rich friend Madame Forestier so that she could let her borrow something. The next day Mathilde went to her friends and asked if she could borrow a piece of jewelry. Her friend took out several things and let her choose what she wanted. Mathilde tried on the pieces of jewelry, but she did not know what to wear, so she asked her friend if she had anything else. Finally, she found a diamond necklace, and Mathilde loved that necklace and asked if she could borrow it, and she did.
The night of the ball came and she was wearing her beautiful diamond necklace. Everyone noticed her and she finally felt beautiful and rich. Everything at the party was a success. She was the most elegant, graceful, and beautiful woman at the ball. Mathilde danced and felt that she was finally in a place where she could be herself. The end of the ball came. Mathilde had to leave and return to her old life. She was depressed again. After that, Mathilde noticed that…

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