distinguishing public relation

Distinguishing public relationsPr distinguish from advertising

Advertising is a means of communication to a target audience using mostly paid media such as television, radio, the Internet and print publications. Successful advertising programs include themes that communicate company mission, branding and services as well as specific product information. my assignment help refund
How Public Relations Differ from Advertising
Advertising is very different from public relations. One key difference is that you always pay for the space and time of an advertisement (or commercial, which is an insert appearing on radio, television, or the Internet).By contrast, editorial coverage generated through public relations is not paid for by the organization issuing the news release. The media will pick up and publish the story because they consider it newsworthy, not as a paid advertisement.
Paid vs. free
With advertising, a company pays for ad space, which is often expensive.  If you just run one ad, it’s really not going to do much for your product or service unless you run it at least once a month over a period of time. However, just running an ad in a publication without awareness of the brand first is often not effective.A PR firm’s job is to get free publicity for a company or service through press releases, media pitches and good relationships with the media.  An article in a newspaper provides third-party endorsement and credibility for your product or service.  It can position your product or service as part of a trend or human interest story, rather than a product promotion. A media placement by a PR firm is often referred to as “earned” media. Controlling the message vs. Influencing the Message
Advertising – If you’re paying for an ad, you can say exactly what you want (“This is the greatest thing since sliced bread”), but consumers often are skeptical because they know you’re paying for it.  This is not to say it’s ineffective, but consumers may think it’s biased.
PR –…

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