5T-480T QD type general bridge crane with hook

QD bridge crane,General bridge crane
QD type general bridge crane with hookcan be taken down from the hook or desinged as fix hanger. The beam length can be designed as requirements. The beam can be parallel of plumbing with crane girders depending on transporting environment. QD type general bridge crane with hook pproduct profile:
1.QD type double girder bridge overhead crane are characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel .
2.usd together with a capacity of 5T-480T,the span is 10.5m-31.5m. working grade is A5-A6.
3.This product is widely used in plants,warehouse,material stocks to lift goods.
4.it is prohibited to used the equipment in the combustible,explosive or corrosives environment.
5.This product has two operational method,ground or operational room.
QD type general bridge crane with hook is a special product equipped with electromagnetic carrier beam that used to lift iron or steel plates, pipes and so on. The overhead crane consists of bridge, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment and electromagnetic carrier beam. Both travelling mechanism and trolley motors are special motors for canes, large starting torque and loading capacity.
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