Parents now have a new app that they can use to their advantage, one that can monitor if their college children are actually attending their classes or not. While this can definitely help parents keep track on their children’s whereabouts, this most likely won’t help any trust gain between the parents and kids. But by the time students are in college, I feel that parents should have some trust that their kids have gained some sort of maturity and that they’ll attend their own classes on their own account and without their parents forcing them. In college, you’d think that you could have some form of independence from your parents, but you won’t if they’re monitoring your attendance.
Students need to learn from their own mistakes without their parents constantly looking over their shoulders. I feel that character development stems from mistakes and errors in our academic careers, more than from success and the overemphasis on constant success. And they need to develop their character, maturity, and responsibility on their own because parents won’t always be able to watch over us through our own adulthood. It’s understandable that parents are always wanting to know every aspect of their children because they feel a protectiveness for them. But at the end of the day, the child is growing and learning how to adapt and live in the world on their own.
Parents always want their children to succeed and be on top academically. But failure teaches us students so many valuable lessons that we can apply to various situations in every day life. What affects students more is this big pressure from parents to always study to the brink of exhaustion. An overemphasis on success can only lead students to tire themselves and even develop some sort of resentment for their parents. Parents need to really have trust in their kids and that will lead to a great relationship amongst the two and a new sense of individuality for the child.

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