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SOC 262 Entire Course (UOP)
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SOC 262 Week 1 Assignment Racial and EthnicGroups Matrix
SOC 262 Week 2 Assignment: Racial and EthnicGroups Matrix
SOC 262 Week 3 Assignment Racism Presentation
SOC 262 Week 4 Assignment New in America paper
SOC 262 Week 5 Assignment Media and Race
SOC 262 Week 5 Assignment Racial and EthnicRelations Matrix Paper and Presentation
SOC 262 Week 3 Assignment Racism Presentation (UOP)
Formore course tutorials visitsoc262.comYou have been asked to give a presentation tostudents at a local high school about prejudice, stereotyping, racism, anddiscrimination.
Develop a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation describing the differences between prejudice,stereotyping, racism, and discrimination. Provide title and conclusion slidesand detailed notes, using NotePages. List your references in NotePages.
Include the following in yourpresentation:
Define the terms prejudice,stereotyping, racism, and discrimination.
Compare the terms.
Differentiate between institutionaland individual discrimination
Present your findings.
SOC 262 Week 5 Assignment Racial and Ethnic Relations Matrix Paperand Presentation (UOP)
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Yourteam will examine the relationships among various racial and ethnic groups.Select two different racial or ethnic groups. Describe how these two groupshave interacted with each other and within the larger American society from thetime of their initial immigration until current times. Answer each of thequestions below with a minimum of 800 words for the assignment.
Briefly describe each group includeinformation such as when they immigrated, reasons for migration, culturalattributes, challenges, and current situation
What do these groups have in common?What are their differences?…

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