CIPD BUsiness

CIPD Assessment Activity
Title of unit/sBusiness Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources
Unit No/s5BIC
Credit value 6
Assessment methodWritten report (for a Chief Executive Officer)Learning outcomes:3. Understand the role of HR in the managing of contemporary business issues and external contexts.
4. Understand how organisational and HR strategies and practices are shaped and developed.
5. Know how to identify and respond to short-term changes in the business and external contexts.Assessment brief/activityYou have been commissioned by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) to examine and report on the role of the HR function in managing the organisation and to demonstrate how the organisational and HR strategies are shaped and developed within it. Your report is expected to cover the following issues:1. an identification and analysis of the major forces shaping the HR
agenda within the organisation.2. an examination of HR’s roles within the organisation and the extent to
which HR contributes to sound business ethics, effective
accountability and organisational effectiveness.3. a review of HR’s contribution to the design and implementation of the
organisation’s business and HR strategies, describing the techniques
and tools used to analyse the business environment and the sources
of business data used for planning purposes.4. a commentary on the extent to which there is vertical and horizontal
integration of strategies within the organisation.5. an identification of HR’s role in business planning and how agreed
strategies, policies and plans can be actioned within the organisation
including the provision of costs where appropriate.Real examples from experience or research should be introduced into the report to provide context and illustrate the points being…

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