GBCA- Switzerland

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Switzerland
Ahnna M Atkins
Busi604 International Business
Liberty University
March 10, 2016
Global Business Cultural Analysis
Switzerland Outline
A. Title Page
B. Abstract
C. Introduction
1. The Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Switzerland
1.1. Hofstedeā€™s Cultural Dimensions
1.1.1. Individualism vs. Collectivism
1.1.2. Masculinity vs. Feminity
1.1.3. Uncertainty Avoidance
1.1.4. Power Distance
1.2. Development of Switzerland’s Culture
1.2.1. Origins, History, Memory, and Nationalism
1.2.2. Regional Cultural Differences
1.3. Communication and Language
2. The Integration of Culture Elements and Dimensions by Locals Conducting Business in Switzerland
2.1. Management
2.1.1. Business Codes
2.1.2. Corporate Social Responsibility
2.1.3. Compensation Packages
2.2. Innovation
2.2.1. Innovative Mercantilism. (Ezell, 2011)
2.3. Workforce
2.3.1. Working Class
2.3.2. Employment Opportunities.
2.4. Immigration
2.4.1. Cultural Division
2.4.2. Income Gap for Immigrants
2.5. Ethics
2.5.1. Business Ethics
2.5.2. Corruption
3. Culture and Business Practices of Switzerland Differing from Those of the United States
3.1. Health
3.1.1. Health & Life Expectancy
3.1.2. Physical Activity
4. Implications for US Businesses Considering Operations Located in Switzerland
4.1. SWOT Analysis
4.1.1. Elements of Strength. Open Economy Human Development
4.1.2. Elements of Weaknesses. Political Unrest
4.1.3. Elements of Opportunity. European Union Joining the EU.
4.1.4. Elements of Threats. Banking Secrecy.
4.2. Foreign Direct Investment Analysis
D. Conclusion
E. References
Global Business Cultural Analysis
This research paper realizes the current and historical, cultural analysis of Switzerland with a particular emphasis on country’s cultural elements and dimensions….

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