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Obesity has become a growing concern for many Americans. Research shows that obesity has increased for both adults and children over the past twenty years. Some critics of the obesity problem blame big business and government. Others blame the individual. While I see the validity in both arguments, I must place the primary blame of obesity on the unregulated corporation-driven, capitalist society in which we live. Our profit-driven American society keeps us so busy working to survive and so inundated with fast food advertising, that many of us do not have the knowledge it takes to eat healthy. Although many critics believe that obesity is a personal issue, I must blame the government for this problem because I believe the government fails to properly regulate the food industry, forces citizens to work so much that they do not have time to find or cannot afford quality food or exercise, and allows food industries to brainwash people (and children in particular) through advertising.
To begin with, the government does not regulate the food industry as much as they should, and they perpetuate the economy through this sin. According to “Don’t Super-Size,” an article written by Greg Critser, obesity, as a result of gluttony, is a sin. He believes the obesity issue is a moral issue. If it is a sin, then I must say that the government is driven by this sin. And we Americans are the ones who have been sinned against. I agree with Alison Motluck’s article, “Don’t Eat the Flan.” According to Motluck, “the prevailing culture actually promotes obesity, making an unhealthy lifestyle the default option.” It seems at times that we can’t eat healthy, no matter how much we try. The average supermarket is just as bad as Mc Donald’s. The government does attempt to regulate the foods sold in supermarkets by printing the ingredients on the food packaging. But, the food packaging often deceptively advertises the image that unhealthy foods are…

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