To Buy a House or Start a Business

To Buy a House or Start a Business
A friend asked me, the other day, a question that had been nagging me for quite some time.
He broached it as a hypothetical situation. But for me, it hit me right where I live. I pondered
the question at length. My friend wanted to know if I had enough money, would I choose to
purchase a house or a business. After much deliberation and upon meeting him again, I gave
him my answer with my reasons. I explained that I had thought seriously about the topic
and decided that I’d like to buy a business. I gave him my four top reasons why I would
choose to buy a business.
First, buying a business may bring me many opportunities to make money. Thus, the
business could bring the possibility to have a rich cash flow which
could give stability to my life. For example, Bill Gates was living with his parents when he
began Microsoft. When Microsoft began to have a great cash
flow, Bill Gates was able to afford many luxuries.
Second, it would be a rare experience to run a business by myself which not
everyone can do in one’s life. Therefore, owning a business could expand my experiences.
For example, as a large business owner, I would be able to lead a large number of
employees to help them achieve meaningful work experience.
Third, I could contribute to the welfare of society. One of my social goals would be to donate
a certain percentage to research facilities to improve vaccines. For example, the Zika virus
has no known vaccine at this time. So, scientists need funding to create a proper working
Fourth, I could help grow the economy of my city and country. My goal would be to bring
many people better opportunities to work and have stable lives. My hope would be to pay
my employees a living wage where they can buy automobiles, computers, 3D TVs, a house
and all the wonderful things that make a house a home.
In conclusion, given an opportunity and having enough money, I would buy and
run a profitable…

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