Although technological changes have had many great effects on our lives and our world, the modern age of super technology has had more negative effects than benefits on our quality of life.Perhaps the most clear-cut example of the cons of techology is the effects it has had on the health of average people. The “miracles” that technology create ultimately let many people get away with little to no physical activity. The United States, arguably the most technologically advanced nation in the world, has the highest rate of obesity, the most heart problems, and the largest amount of cancer per capita of any country in the whole world. Computer and TV screens have been shown to damage the retnas of people’s eyes. Radiation from microwaves and from cell phones have been shown to cause cancer. Our ability to use technology to keep people alive longer is irrelevant — we allow it to destroy our quality of life and our health and then let it keep us from death so we can continue to live in misery.The next problem is hte “nonstop” pace that Finucan claims is a result of technology. When we are too busy to enjoy our long lives and our sucess, it begs the question whether or not sucess and longer life are actually that important. Technlogy is creating more “workaholics” who make more money and get lots done, but they are unable to enjoy their sucess because they are too busy racing towards achieving more. People in times past worked hard too, but their culture allowed them to enjoy it by doing things such as spending time with their families. This nonstop pace makes very few people genuinely happy.Finally, although we have made technological advances in communications, the proliferation of computers truly spurs isolationism. Busnessmen can go to work and spend the whole day in an office on a computer. Children’s games have shifted from board games and outdoor games to a heavy focus on computer and video games. Students can do all their schoolwork alone in a room…

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