NR 361 Complete Course NR361 Complete Course Devry

NR 361 Complete Course NR361 Complete Course Devry
Click below link for Answer 361 Week 1 Discussion Introductions
Please introduce yourself to the class. Tell us why you’ve chosen this program, a bit about your family, your personal interests, and whatever else you’d like to share!
NR 361 Week 1 Discussion Moving Data to Wisdom
Reflect on the content from your readings and this week’s lesson. Then, think of a recent experience and describe how you mentally moved data through the stages of information and knowledge to wisdom. What information system(s) helped you move from data to wisdom? Keep this short like assessing a patient for congestive heart failure. How did you evaluate and combine the various pieces of data? What was the outcome of this processNR 361 Week 1 Discussion AACN Essentials Self-Assessment Results
Complete your Self-Assessment of the AACN Essentials located in Doc Sharing (Week 1). Note your total score. If you are willing, please share your total score with your classmates. Identify areas where your knowledge is lacking. Keep in mind that we are all “knowledge workers.” What areas of inquiry do you have as they relate to the essentialsNR 361 Week 2 Discussion Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems
Share your experiences with healthcare information systems in your clinical setting. What are the pros and cons of patient care? If you are not currently working, think about your experiences as a consumer of healthcare services, keeping in mind that they are all around us regardless of where we obtain our own healthcare.
NR 361 Week 2 Discussion Helping Aunt Mary
Your Aunt Mary is elderly and lives alone. She just returned from a visit with her primary care physician. She noticed today that Dr. Alice did not bring a chart into the exam room….

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