Etic Perspective on Courtship

Etic Perspective of American Courtship and Emic Perspective of Eating Disorders in Fiji
Chrishawn Thurston
ANT101 Cultural Anthropology
Michael Moncrieff
March 21, 2016Etic Perspective of American Courtship and Emic Perspective of Eating Disorders in Fiji

In this paper, I am going to examine my own culture through an etic perspective so that it
can be better understood what an outsider might see it. I am also going to look at another culture from an emic perspective so I can better understand their culture and their practices as they see it. For my own culture, Courtship and Marriage in the United States and on the emic side, I will be looking into the world of Television and Eating Disorders in teen girls in Fiji and how television imagery has affected the body imagery that these girls have about their own bodies.
Prior to th 20th century, courtship was when a couple would spend intentional time with each other, getting to know each other. All of this in hopes that they each would meet all the standards required to be husband or wife material. The couple would both belong to the same community and their parents and family would keep a close eye on them (Burzumato, 2007)
In the early 1900’s, the word courtship, evolved ino the word dating. The biggest change with how things evolved in the dating world is that the number of partners were increases before they found a person to marry. (Burzumato, 2007). This didn’t mean that the courtship world was changing into a dating world but rather that the dating aspect was being added to the courtship world. As time went on, courtship/dating went from staying more private, like on their parents swing on the front porch to becoming more public with going on dates at a movie theater or a soda shop.
By the turn of the 20th century, lower class men and women who went out to dances, parties and other places. These people typically lived in urban centers and women lived in small…

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