MGMT404 Communication Plan

Project/Jako CorporationCommunication Plan
OverviewProject communications including outline for monthly progress reports:
The fundamental theme of the project management will be communication. There needs to be proper communication between the management, project team, and the key stakeholders and they are to be kept updated about the progress of the project, and about any variances that occurs within the scheme of events.The project team members (Project Manager, Secretary, Senior Accountant, HR Assistant, Department Managers, IT Developers, Owner, and Stakeholders)) will be automatically notified via e-mail, the statistics of the work, and will be given a platform (PMIS) to report their progress electronically. As a part of day to day scheme, monthly project team meetings will be scheduled (meeting 1 – 7/30/15, meeting 2 – 8/13/15, and meeting 3 – 9/7/15), where the project manager would report to management and owner (Mr. Bee), and used templates to communicate update on: cost overruns, schedule delays and variances.Monthly meeting leading up to monthly reports, will allow the members to systematically report their work, any issues they discovered and their accomplishments to their counterparts, and will give them the space to revisit the project plan to adjust for any issues via testing and simulations.Monthly meeting agenda’s will be sent to all members 2 days prior to the meetings and meeting minutes will recorded by the Secretary of which copies will be sent to all members via e-mail 2 days after the meetings.Team secretary will be responsible in sending out all paper memos, e-mails, and faxes to all members in involved in the project (Project Manager, Team Members, Corporate Management, and Stakeholders).
Senior Accountant, Department Managers, and IT Developers will provide the Project manager with weekly status reports every Monday on any budget developments, project progress, and any unreported…

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